Will my levels go down quickly or do I need to drain?

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Will my levels go down quickly or do I need to drain?

Postby Dawn » Wed 18 Jul, 2007 22:00

I have an easy set pool. It is 12 by 3 ft deep. I finally got the chlorine to stay in the pool, it is never in the shade. After we had our four nephews, my 2 kids and my husband in the pool, I tested the water. There was almost no chlorine in the water. The PH was below 6.0 also. So, being smart girl that I am, I used about 5 oz. of PH plus diluted of course, then I shock treated the pool with about 1/2 cup of shock treatment, also diluted and then I used 3/4 cup of stabilzer to keep chlorine in the pool. My test kit for PH was 8.0 and the chlorine was off the charts, the water turned orange and now the pool is cloudy. I know I over chemicaled the pool, should I just drain it half way down or should I wait til the morning to see if the levels have changed. I did all of this at about 7pm. Thanks, please try not to laugh, my husband did!!!

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Postby Backglass » Thu 19 Jul, 2007 08:50

Are you filled with well water? The orange could be Iron literally "rusting" from the high amounts of chlorine. If this is true, you will need to add a metal remover which you can get from a pool store.

Don't worry, the chlorine will go down on it's own and probably did a great job sanitizing your pool. The ph will need to be reduced with some acid.

Using your test kit, please post a full set of numbers so we can see where you are at.
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