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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby Erinmaire » Sat 25 Mar, 2006 18:50

My bf and I bought a house in Nov 2005 with inground pool. Which it has been shut down for the winter. Now that the weather is getting nice I took off the tarp and found it to be pretty gross. I vacuumed the shallow end which by the way took 4ever but I did see some hope. I've now started working on the deep end but anytime I go out there to vacuum I spend a couple hours vacuuming the deep end and I can't see the bottom of the pool. Thats how bad it is. I curse everytime I'm out there and meanwhile my bf says runaway. LOL he thinks I am going to give up. But how can I its a nice pool and this summer I would love to swim in it.(pool parties) Anyways I am so tired of constantly cleaning it and seeing no hope in hell. So if anyone has any advice I sure could use them. And please feel free to email me at


Postby Guest » Sun 26 Mar, 2006 12:12

have you gotten the water tested? If not, I recommend you take a sample from the deep end of the pool to a pool place, they'll test the water, and they'll give you some chemicals to start clearing it up. Then at least you can see what you are doing by getting the "green" out. I had the same problem when I bought a house last month, except they had not cover, and they shut it down all winter. I had to add algaecide, ph down, salt, quick dissolve, and it took a long time. HOWEVER, now it is blue, and almost ready. The important thing is to make sure you have the water tested and do what they tell you, stay on schedule, and describe to the people exactly what you have on your hands. good luck. Any other questions, I'll try to help:
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Postby Pool Star » Sun 26 Mar, 2006 18:00

First you need to "shock" the pool. I prefer liquid chlorine as it does not load up the pool water with all the calcium the granules/powder contain. Make sure the pH is 7.2-7.6

Run the pump around the clock. You may consider adding a flocculant to help settle the debris.

Vacuum, backwash, add more chemicals if needed and repeat until the water is clear and blue.

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