started small 8 foot round and NOW CLOUDY...HELP

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started small 8 foot round and NOW CLOUDY...HELP

Postby miller36 » Fri 20 Jul, 2007 06:47

My 5 year old loves to swim, but we also have a 2 year old so I figured I would start small with an easy set 8 by 30" pool. Filled it last Wednesday and has been great, filter fine 1" chlorine tabs and yesterday CLOUDY POOL!! Checked filter, black, and no chlorine tab. So I must have let filter get too dirty, and not added another tablet. So now I changed filter, added 3 chlorine tablets and shocked it. Still cloudy but now chlorine is high. Test strip (basic one) says everything is low except the chlorine. Was ready to run to store and get what chemicals I could, whatever the cost but then I see much household stuff is similar....Should I get something for algae? Shock at night and not run filter? Add baking soda, borax acid? We live with some big pine trees and I am diligent on cleaning it but apparently it is pretty dirty in there. Chem guy seems pretty smart, had my mother sign the slip for me to drop chemistry in high school so be patient with me....but my 5 year old is dying to get back in the pool...have you ever heard a 5 year old beg and beg and beg and'll pretty much shove qtips in your ears to make it stop!!!! HELP!!!

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