Skimmer cover gaskets

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Skimmer cover gaskets

Postby all4him » Fri 20 Jul, 2007 07:13

My pool is going into its second year. My skimmers (2) have a clear plastic cover that has tabs on it that fit into a slot and then turns in a groove on the skimmer below the eck cover. Both covers have a rubber gasket on the edge of them.

When I try to remove the cover they are very hard to turn and line up with the slots to remove. I put a lubricant on the rubber gaskets thinking this would help which it did until I tried to get them off to open the pool. I had to use a board and rubber mallot. After that experience I cleaned the lubricant off of the gaskets which helped a little, but they are still hard to turn.

My questions are this:

1. Since the covers fit into a slot on the skimmer will removing the gasket effect how the skimmer works?

2. If I cannot remove the gaskets for operational reason then what can I do to make the skimmer covers turn easily when I am trying to remove them to empty the baskets?

Thanks for your time and assistance!!

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