adding chemicals

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adding chemicals

Postby Guest » Sun 26 Mar, 2006 11:27

I was told to add 250 lbs of salt, add 44 lbs of alkilinity, wait two hours, add ph down, wait 24 hrs and turn my salt system to superchlorinate. My question is "Do I wait any amount of time to add my alkilinity, or can it be added with the salt?"


Pool Help

Adding pool chemicals

Postby Pool Help » Sun 26 Mar, 2006 17:53

I assume you mean you are to add 44 pounds of alkalinity up. Then you are supposed to add the pH down.

This seems a bit radical to me. If you add the alkalinity up in smaller amounts over a period of some days, you may not need to use pH down at all. The alkalinity up and pH down do opposite things (almost).

You can safely add the alkalinity up before the salt, at the same time, or immediately afterwards. It makes no difference.

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