haze on water surface

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haze on water surface

Postby furball » Sat 21 Jul, 2007 00:01

I have a haze on the surface of my pool water ,cloudy water, and skin feels sticky after swimming. MY TA is high 180or higher, as is the ph 8.1. I ve shocked my pool and am maintaining a high level of chlorine but the haze is still there. I vacuum,wash filter and skim daily and still the haze is there. I am also scrubbing all the equipment weekly. I also get a white substance on surface from time to time. What am I doing wrong. I have a 15 ft 42" metal frame pool with paper filter system. Oh yea pool place had me drain my pool 1/2 way to lower levels in pool(boy was I dumb) The water levels are still high, water is cloudy, and the haze is there.

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Postby Backglass » Sat 21 Jul, 2007 19:09

The haze could be oils/suncreens etc. A scumball in the skimmer will really help if thats what it is.
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