Wrinkles and uneven bottom

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I'm new here
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Wrinkles and uneven bottom

Postby anjellenee » Sat 21 Jul, 2007 10:03

We have an above ground pool installed maybe 5-6 years ago (we just bought the house). The liner is very wrinkled on the bottom and the bottom feels very uneven, like when you walk you can feel dips in the ground, some small (like width of finger) some larger (like heel of your foot). Do we need to be replacing the liner soon ie this swimming season or can we wait til next swimming season? and with all the dips, will they need to level the ground when we reinstall liner? is that expensive?


Postby Guest » Sat 21 Jul, 2007 15:55

Is there a hole in the liner? If not maybe you don't have to replace it if you don't want too. Now if it's absolutely bugging you, YES, I would change it and level out the sand while you're at it...

You can have someone do it for you BUT you can also do it yourself. It's not that hard and the job may even be better than hiring someone, besides that, I couldn't possibly tell you what someone would charge for labor. I did mine myself with a 4ft level, a hose with a sprayer to keep it wet and my hands to pack it. It took me like 3 days or so working by myself with my 11 year old son. I have two divits, heel sized and a few very small wrinkles. NOT TO SHABBY if I say so myself. 8) I even installed the 24ft above ground myself with my husband and friend's help. I blew up the shop vac too. :oops: She was smokin.

The key is to keep the sand packed and wet so you can walk on it if need be when you install the liner. :wink: The shop vac sucks the air out and prevents 90-95% of the wrinkles. Cut card board for the skimmer hole and tape it up with duct tape to secure air leaks and also with your return hole.

On a scale of 1-10, I'd give this job a 6 just because it took me so long.
Good Luck.

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