crustation on the ceramic tiles

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crustation on the ceramic tiles

Postby calasparra » Sun 22 Jul, 2007 08:40

I have a problem with a crustation covering the tiles of my pool,some people say that it is the adhesive from the backing paper from when the tiles were attached and the tiles not cleaned correctly before filling the pool,can anyone help.

pool tech

tile crust

Postby pool tech » Sat 04 Aug, 2007 03:51

What you are seeing is calcium buildup from the water evaporating. there is nothing you can do to stop it you can only slow it. make sure your calcium hardness is between 240-400 ppm in plaster pools and 400-500 in fiberglass pools. Unfortunatly the only way to get it off is to have a tile cleaning done with a bead blaster.
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I'm new here
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Postby macd0g » Thu 11 Oct, 2007 13:02

or empty the pool, buy yourself a drum of hydrochloric acid and wash/brush it down
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Postby mr_clean » Thu 11 Oct, 2007 17:25

having it bead blasted by someone is easiest way to fix it.
Keeping it from coming back you can check CH and when it gets to 400ppm empty & refill water.
Also keeping PH at 7.2 & TA 80-120 and using sequestering agent/metal remover as a preventative every few months will help.

Postby Guest » Tue 29 Jan, 2008 13:25

Don't try to burn it off with acid! This can and will likely burn some of your plaster as the acid runs down. Even if you don't burn your plaster it will still take way more work then you would want to do. As stated earlier, the best way to take off the buildup is to hire a reputable tile cleaner. some charge by the foot and some charge by the pool. I recommend that you get at least 2 estimates for different cleaners. Also, check out whoever you hire because the wrong guy can leave your tile looking ragged and leave your pool full of sand.

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