We have some kind of algae growing and I need advice!

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We have some kind of algae growing and I need advice!

Postby Guest » Mon 23 Jul, 2007 11:45

I am totally new to this pool thing! We have a 12 ft round pool in our back yard with a filtration system. We clorinated it and have been pretty good at keeping the levels in the acceptable range until Sunday when it very quickly dropped below the 1ppm.

Sunday afternoon when we went to get in the pool in noticed that we had some flower shaped things growing on the pool cover (on the outside) and the same little green flower shaped things growing on the bottom and sides of the pool. I vacuum brushed the whole pool, cleaned the pool cover with Mr Clean and then shocked the pool (it reads way over 6ppm right now on the test kit)

We are using ClorBlast granular powder for clorine and the PH levels seem normal (and always have).

Any suggestions on how to get rid of those very pretty but VERY annoying flower shaped algae things?


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Postby MichelleW » Mon 23 Jul, 2007 11:51

I guess it helps if i log-in first ;)

Edited to add that the flowe-shaped things are back on the cover this morning- they look like hard little black balls but as soon as they get wet they turn greenad fuzzy and assume the flower shape.

The pool water is still clear (thankk god) but I don't want this to get out of hand if I can do something now to stop it.

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