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Robotic pool cleaners

Postby drmofjeannie » Sun 26 Mar, 2006 20:29

I am getting a 20x40 inground vinyl liner pool. I am thinking of getting a robotic cleaner because they clean every area of the pool including stairs. I need some recomendations: are they safe for vinyl as in will they pull up the liner? and they are so expensive and I want to get a reliable one that will last many years without replacing the whole thing or parts prematurely.

Any recommendations? I also was looking at the new Hayward cleaner that is suppose to clean the top as well as the bottom, but I need it to clean stairs and sides.


Postby Guest » Thu 06 Apr, 2006 13:34

The Hayward Phanton would be a great choice and would do the entire pool. Keep in mind it is a pressure side cleaner so separate return and booster pump will also be needed.

Hayward Navigator would be much cheaper choice and operates on suction from recirc pump, no extras required however, a dedicated vac line would be better.
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I'm new here
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Postby cjsolar » Sat 19 May, 2007 15:32

I am also in the search for a robotic cleaner for a liner pool. I have been leaning towards the Dolphin Diagnostic 2019, but am waiting to hear from anyone who has used this cleaner. If you hear anything, let me know.
Good luck.
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Postby Buggsw » Sat 19 May, 2007 15:55

I've read several reviews on other forums that the Dolphin cut slits in their vinyl liners where it would try to climb the walls.

You would be better off to go with something that has PVA rollers, IMO, from the research I've done.

Good ones are Blue Diamond, Blue Pearl, Aquabot Viva, Aquabot Bravo.

There may be others - I think others are OEM's of the above brands.

I went with the Blue Diamond because I found the best price at poolsupplyworld and because it had a better warranty than most and came highly recommended from users at other forums. They also raved about the Blue Pearl which is even less expensive and can be purchased via Home Depot online as well as other places.

Postby Guest » Sun 20 May, 2007 21:41

Thank's for you advice. What do you think of theh Aquabot Turbo T?

Postby Guest » Thu 31 May, 2007 22:08

Anyone here anything about the pentair prowler 720?
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Swimming Pool Superstar
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Postby Buggsw » Fri 01 Jun, 2007 01:02

Everyone I've known that has the Aquabot Turbo T's say they are great.


Postby Viv » Mon 11 Jun, 2007 22:21

We recently bought a robotic cleaner called "Klean-A-Tron" from SSP. I believe they are the only place selling them right now. It is WONDERFUL. It does have the PVA rollers and although it cleans the walls and floor in 3 hours and floor only in 1.5 hours, it is very gentle on the vinyl liner.

We had also read the reviews of the people having slits in the liner after using the Dolphin so we researched all the cleaners we could find and finally settled on this one. It came with a remote (usually not used because it never leaves a speck in the pool), and cart with cord wrap to make rolling it to the pool easy. The remote is used to change over from "floor only" mode to walls and floor mode.

It is very attractive while cleaning, (nice sophisticated colors rather than the screamming-at-you colors all the rest seem to be...

It leaves the water polished looking and the filter bag is easy to clean (can be washed in the washer). The best part is that none of that stuff goes near your pool filter!! Saves wear and tear and also chemicals since the pool is so clean. I would buy it again in a heartbeat, even though it was expensive. It also has a 4 year warranty which is much longer than most.

No, I don't sell them!! :D I just enjoy the extra time it provides my family!

Aquabots all the way!

Postby PoolBoyDave » Thu 28 Jun, 2007 14:02

I personally use an Aquabot Turbo for cleaning our home pool. We picked it up through Aquabot Pool Cleaners 4 Less. They were very accommodating and answered all the questions we had through their toll free number. Cheers.

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