Which NON Chlorine system?

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Which NON Chlorine system?

Postby Darb » Wed 25 Jul, 2007 07:46

I am looking to get a pool chemical system that doesn't use chlorine (if there is such a beast) or that uses it sparingly. It must be reliable, from a company that will stand behind its product, and be somewhat easy to use. I know I am asking for the world... Thanks in advance.


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Postby Backglass » Wed 25 Jul, 2007 08:29

Why? Are you violently allergic to chlorine?

There is Baquacil...but after you get water mold in two years you will be back. Salt pools are chlorine as well, no difference there and you may have premature rust/coping disintegration.. There are some that use silver/copper/etc but the just add metals to your pool and are snake oil in my opinion...
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Postby Guest » Sun 19 Aug, 2007 18:46

Pristine Blue is the best in my opinion. I worked in the pool industry for several years and I own a pool. What is great about it is you can use a chlorine shock with it, which is the best if you ever have any water problems.
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Postby chem geek » Sun 19 Aug, 2007 21:57

Read this link. If Pristine Blue is copper sulfate, then there are many copper systems and they all have pretty much the same advantages and disadvantages.

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