pump is on but water is not being sucked from the skimmers

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pump is on but water is not being sucked from the skimmers

Postby stacy » Tue 28 Mar, 2006 16:51

I am opening my pool and I opened all the returns, opened all the skimmers, turned on the motor and no water is running anywhere! I have a pool heater and it has power but no gas (we disconected it due to no usage). Anybody with any ideas?

Pool Help

Pool pump problem

Postby Pool Help » Wed 29 Mar, 2006 03:34

Hi Stacy and welcome to the forums.

It sounds like you need to prime the pump. Open the pump (basket) cover and fill the pump with water. You can use a bucket or a hose. Add water until the pump is completely full. Close the cover and try again.

If the pump still does not produce water flow, repeat the priming process above until there is no more air left in the system.

If this doesn't work, please let me know the level of the pump relative to the swimming pool (above pool level or below?) and I'll try to find the solution.

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