above ground pool chlorination

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above ground pool chlorination

Postby sue1122 » Mon 30 Jul, 2007 15:51

I always used granular chlorine in my above ground pool, but we just bought a new pump and when it started being very noisy 6 weeks later, I did some research online and it seemed that the granular chlorine being put through the skimmer can eat through the seals of the pump making it noisy. I always had great results using the granular but now I dont know what to do, I dont really like the tablets floating around? anyone have any suggestions on chlorination? How else can I use the granular without putting it directly through the skimmer/


Postby Guest » Mon 30 Jul, 2007 17:40

Me, personally would never put granular through the skimmer just because I wouldn't... (think *clog*) When I did use cal hypo, I would throw it in the pool and then sweep it until disolved, usually I'd just sweep the bottom once and let the rest settle BUT now I use regular bleach from WalMart.

The BEST you can do is switch to liquid and still put it through the skimmer.

Why switch?
It's CHEAPER and it won't raise your CYA.
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Postby Backglass » Tue 31 Jul, 2007 07:56

I don;t see how adding granular chlorine would destroy your seals UNLESS you turned the pump off and the chlorine just sat in the pump.

If you are really concerned about this, dissolve the chlorine in a bucket of water first...then pour into the skimmer slowly.
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