Algae in a salt water pool

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Algae in a salt water pool

Postby jane852001 » Mon 30 Jul, 2007 19:25

We have had our pool for 2 years. We have a lot of green water this year, and this afternoon it went from green, to floating algae. How do we treat this with a salt water system?

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Postby Backglass » Tue 31 Jul, 2007 08:41

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The only difference is instead of pouring chlorine in manually, the salt generator creates chlorine from the salt. Everything else needs the same attention as a non-salt pool.

Using your test kit, please post a full set of test numbers so we can see where you are at and give you precise info on what to do. If you have visible algae, you either need to use the "super-chlorinate" feature of your generator, or just add supplemental liquid chlorine (bleach) which will save the life of your cell.
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Postby jane852001 » Wed 01 Aug, 2007 07:16

The levels for chlorine are high as we have been super chlorinating it to avoid visible algae. We have also tried to put in algaecide, but nothing has worked. I need the step by step guide for "Pool dummies" to fix this.

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