mustard algae or water mold?

Algae problems in swimming pool water.
Green (cloudy) water or slimy pool walls.
Black algae. Mustard algae. Pink or white pool mold.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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mustard algae or water mold?

Postby cgbaldauf » Tue 31 Jul, 2007 13:06

We have a big bloom of "something" going on in our pool. The water is cloudy with a sediment in the low flow areas that looks like fine sand with an occasional place that looks like decaying toilet paper. Treated today with 20 oz of 7% copper algaecide - this was double the kill dose because we almost got rid of it last week with 2 regular 10 oz. treatments followed by floc. (25,000 gal vinyl pool). I have been reading a lot of posts and replies and read that an algaecide is NEVER used to kill a bloom but only as a preventative. Now I am scared I have done the wrong thing and will turn everyones hair green and still not cure the problem.

All of this started when a woman came to our pool 2 times and used 1 quart of tanning oil each time (REALLY) My husband thinks we ruined our brand new Zeo-Brite*. We have used both filter aid and filter cleaner.
*60 days ago we put Zeo-brite in for the first time and our pool was the purest blue and beautiful sparkle

With chlorinator on high using silk sticks we are able to keep chlorine at a high level. I did go ahead and shock last night with 5 lbs. Now I read shock and algaecide causes GREEN.

I had it tested at our local pool store, but didn't get the sample until after I had added the algaecide.Here are the results:

Total chlorine 7.5
Free 7.5
PH 8.5 -Yesterday they had me add 8 lbs of ash
Today they told me to add 1 gal of acid
total alkalinity222
Total hardness 138

We need help. Thank you ahead of time.

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Re: mustard algae or water mold?

Postby Guest » Tue 31 Jul, 2007 18:38

I don't think it's algae, I think it may be calcium.

Yes keep adding acid, maintaining the pH at about 7.0 and aerate the water (jets, fountains) to help lower the somewhat high-ish alkalinity.

water mold

Postby cdlbw » Mon 06 Aug, 2007 14:56

It is water mold. I live in central VA and it is rampant here. Did not have anything to do with the lady using the oil. Non - chlorine oxidizer through the skimmer will kill it along with cleaning filter. Also, if you have a light in your pool - pull it out and clean behind it, clean under ladder treads, pull out ladder bumpers, take out weir and clean, soak skimmer basket and pump basket in bleach solution of 1 gal / per 5 of water. Good luck.
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Postby Backglass » Mon 06 Aug, 2007 15:23

If you are a Baquacil user, then sounds like typical Baqua-crap water mold. Switch to chlorine and watch your problems disappear.

BUT you posted chlorine I am guessing that you arent. The copper algaecide (Grinch-hair issues not withstanding) should help. The real answer is to SHOCK and SHOCK hard...and maintain that level while brushing and filtering.

I would be very curious to know what your CYA level is...I will bet it is sky high. Does your test kit do CYA? All those sticks aren't going to help.

Your TA and PH are also extremely high. Get some muriatic acid from Home Depot and bring them both down.

You said you used floc....did you let it settle?! Because when floc finally does settle out, it looks like (drum roll)...cotton balls or decaying toilet paper. ;)
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