Blonde hair gets green tint

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Blonde hair gets green tint

Postby stillvill » Sat 01 Apr, 2006 22:41

Is it because there is copper in the water, if so how do you get it out.

Pool Help

Green hair problem

Postby Pool Help » Sun 02 Apr, 2006 04:10

Green hair is typically a problem of excessive copper in the water. It may also be a result of iron and occasionally is from high chlorine levels combined with some hair coloring or dyes.

If the problem is a metal, use a commercial "metal-out" product or "ion remover".

You can minimize or eliminate the problem of green hair or "swimmers' hair" by wetting your hair before swimming, or by wearing a swim cap. There are also some shampoos available to help deal with this problem. Your local pool shop may have one you can try.

Re: Blonde hair gets green tint

Postby Guest » Fri 02 Jun, 2006 10:42

stillvill wrote:Is it because there is copper in the water, if so how do you get it out.

hey, I had this problem a few years ago, but my hair is darker brown, with a redish tint, but it did turn green. My daughters was a lot worse. I think because she did swim more. I talked to a lady that own a beauty shop, plus has a pool. The biggest thing people don't realize how important ph and alkalinity is. Even though you keep your clorine level up (and we have been advise to let it go up and down, just not to always keep it high) So once you have your clorine right make sure other chemicals are balanced. The other things wetting hair and shampoos are good, too. I have heard disssolving aspirins in water and letting it set in your hair about 15 minutes is good way to get the green out. Malabou treatments are great, but do get a little expensive.

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