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Postby micky06501 » Sun 12 Jul, 2009 22:07

I just bought a house with fiberglass pool. When my girls first got in they were complaining about itchiness and I thought that it was just them being silly. It turns out that they were rubbing against the wallls alot and the fiberglass was irritating their skin. I told them not to rubber against the wall, but this weekend when my nephew and niece came over they got a bad irritation on their skin from the pool. I personally did not see them against the wall of the pool. Does any recommend anything to resolve this fiberglass problem?



Postby boobie » Wed 19 Aug, 2009 15:01

What did you do about the fiberglass fibers? I only notice it if I sit on a step.


Postby Hensons » Tue 25 Aug, 2009 08:39

More than likely the pool is concrete with a fiberglass liner I can give you my more than 20 years experience that the pool surface is extremely old and the surface coat is worn down or who ever did the resurface did it wrong. The problem your having is that the inspectors have know idea what they are doing and hve no knowledge the original owner probably never got itchy because the surface coat was not worn down.
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