One answer to Aqua Rite's emitting cloudy water

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One answer to Aqua Rite's emitting cloudy water

Postby Gabe » Tue 31 Jul, 2007 23:28

I had to call in the big guns to figure this one out, so I'm sharing a solution that may work. Not 'the' solution, but a possible solution.

Problem: SWG spews cloudy water from the return lines, so much so, that it clouds the entire pool to the point you cannot see the bottom. The instance only occurs when the SWG is on. Once turned off, the water clears. Turned on again and the cloudyness begins.

Answer: Run the entire gamut of chemical checks on the pool water and correct each and every one to make the conditions perfect for the SWG to operate.

Background: Summertime in North California. The pool water began to exhibit just a hint of yellow/mustard algae prior. Common reaction was to add an algeacide that is SWG friendly(non-copper based) and let the chemical treat the growth. The cloudyness began. Upon testing the phosphate level of the pool, results showed it to be the highest and out of place result as it rocketed up to over 1000ppm. Treated the pool with PhosFree phosphate remover, three days later, clearing began! Yellow/Mustard algae gone. Cleaned the filter and retested the water again. Phosphate levels down to 400ppm, still a little more to go. Added more PhosFree treatment to bring the pool into zero phosphate territory. By this time, the pool did not exhibit any more of the symptoms described above.


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