Inground pool liner- "soft floor"

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Inground pool liner- "soft floor"

Postby Guest » Wed 01 Aug, 2007 08:48

Not sure what forum to go to- so starting here.
We have a high water table in our yard- we live in CT. The bottom of our inground pool is very soft- we have had our liner replaced since we have lived there twice. the first time- when we bought the house- the liner was damaged from wood that fell in the pool. They replaced vermiculite and liner. Then Above ground pool next door exploded... sending 16000 gallons of water into ours... liner and vermiculite REPLACED again.
Now flooding last year- pushed liner out away from sides of pool.... we feel that it has washed out some vermiculite and sand... liner is very soft in most areas of shallow end- and this year upon opening we noticed wrinkles never seen before in deep end.. we dont know what we should do;should we worry- or just let it go...
pool seems fine otherwise

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