Pop up control system problem?

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help me out

Pop up control system problem?

Postby help me out » Wed 01 Aug, 2007 19:55


I'm not even sure what it is called but I'm pretty sure it regulates the pop ups that shoots water back into the pool. I have about 4 groups throughout the pool but I notice that only about 3 or those groups are working. Dusts and leaves are starting the gather in that area. The device I'm talking about is a small dome that is connected to the cell (I have a salt water pool system) and then splits out to 4 pipes going into the ground and in to the pool. I need help taking this thing apart. I'm speculating that there is something clogged in there.

pool tech

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Postby pool tech » Sat 04 Aug, 2007 04:19

what you have is a caretaker system. You will probably need the gears replaced inside the dome, and theres not many peoplr that can do it.

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