chlorine issues and bubbles

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chlorine issues and bubbles

Postby stacy » Sun 02 Apr, 2006 21:31

I had such wonderful luck last time with the help that I received on this site that I'm going to try again!

I closed my pool last summer without being able to properly balance it due to a condition that my pool water would no longer accept or register chlorine. By using shock and chlorine tablets in the chlorinator my pool would never show any amount of chlorine. I was told that this sometimes happens and to open it next spring and hope for the best. Well, I opened the pool, vacuumed, scrubbed the liner walls and cleaned my cartridge filter (Sta-Rite brand) and added 3 lbs of shock (33,000 gallons) and no chlorine level. Any suggestions?

Another thing, I have continuous water small bubbles coming out of my returns that I have never had before. I've made sure everything is open and tight and it seems as if something is allowing air into the pipes. Any ideas? Thanks again!!

Pool Help

Pool chlorine problems

Postby Pool Help » Mon 03 Apr, 2006 16:07

After adding the shock, you should be able to read a free chlorine level for at least a few hours. If you can't, I would try a different test kit.

If the chlorine level falls rapidly you have a high level of (organic) pollution which needs "burning off". This can only be achieved by repeat shocks to reach the point where the level of chlorine activity exceeds the level of organic pollutants. This is known as breakpoint chlorination.

You may well find that 3lbs more will do the trick, or it may take another 10lbs. It is extremely difficult to predict. You should shock again before the level dips below 1ppm, which is the environment that algea and bacteria colonies are still able to thrive in. Leaving a gap of a few days between shocks gives these colonies time to recover to their former strength, resulting in the use of incrdibly huge volumes of chemicals. It keeps your pool store happy but not your pocket! And think of all the chemical residues that remain long after the chlorine has burnt itself out.

I have continuous water small bubbles coming out of my returns

The plumbing is sucking air in from somewhere. The same place usually produces a drip when the pump is off. The most common places for small leaks are the pump o-ring and the couplings. The continuous bubbles seem to indicate the problem is on the suction side of the pump. Any more details may help me to help you.

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