New Owner - Vacuum stops sucking

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New Owner - Vacuum stops sucking

Postby Stuckart » Sun 02 Apr, 2006 22:48


We are new pool owners a few months back. We live in Arizona and just had our pool acid washed and refilled a couple weeks ago.

I have taken the water in and am trying to maintain the pool myself. My only problem is vacuuming. I turn on the pool pump and let it run for a few minutes, once the pool starts bubbling on all ends and the tornado has started in the basket well, I remove the basket and stick the hose in.

It then tightens the entire hose and I hear the pump working a little harder. But this only happens for 2 whole seconds, then no suck pressure to the vacuum. I can't seem to get this to work.

Am I doing something entirely wrong?

I just did the backwash and then tried to do it again with no luck.



Pool Help

Pool vacuum problems

Postby Pool Help » Mon 03 Apr, 2006 15:27

It sounds like you may have air in the vacuum hose.

The best way to fill the hose is:
1. connect the hose to the vacuum head and put it into the pool. The hose should remain next to the pool.
2. push the hose that is just above the water line vertically into the pool
3. continue feeding the hose vertically into the water until you get to the end
4. as you finish, water should come flowing out of the end of the hose. This means the air has been completely released.
5. plug the hose into the skimmer

If this doesn't work, post back here for more help.

Postby Guest » Thu 06 Apr, 2006 13:20

You can also hold the end of the vac hose over the return fitting until you see no more bubbles coming out of the vac head then attach to skimmer

New Owner - Vacuum stops sucking

Postby frostymugs » Sun 24 Jun, 2012 09:26

She DID NOT ask how to get the air bubbles out of vacuum. She simply asked whats causing the filter to lose it's prime and stop sucking

New Owner - Vacuum stops sucking

Postby azpoolservice » Mon 25 Jun, 2012 19:15

when you are putting the hose in the skimmer basket i assume it is full of air when this happens the pump will lose it's prime and you will have to suction
i agree with the 2nd post here that is the right way keep suction for your pool

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