help with green in bottom of pool

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help with green in bottom of pool

Postby darwinsti » Sat 04 Aug, 2007 17:21

:? I posted a post in regards to keeping my skimmer basket down. I have seen that there have been several views but no help. Anyway, it is down now.
My question now is, there is a bit of green, not alot and very sparse, but never the less green spots on the bottom of my pool. It is a vinal 18 X 4 easy set pool. What is needed to relieve the pool of this?
Thanks for any help.


Postby pooluser » Sat 04 Aug, 2007 19:14

It sounds like its algae, you will want to shock your pool(keep chlorine lever at or above 10 until it hold on it own for 24 hrs). You will also want to brush all the sides and bottom and vacuum. Keep ahold of it now... b/c it only gets worse QUICKLY. I have been fight a huge algae problem! Good Luck!

Postby Guest » Sat 04 Aug, 2007 19:15

Adjust pH to 7.2-7.6 (use Borax to raise pH)
Have your TA between 80-120 (use Baking Soda to raise TA)
and Superchlorinate with Bleach. (Clorox or any UNscented off brand)

The key is to hold a FC of 15ppm for a 24 hour period.

Brush pool floor and walls.

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