quartz vs marble pool surface

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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quartz vs marble pool surface

Postby matadorman » Tue 07 Aug, 2007 17:34

I'm installing a pool. The builder tells me a quartz surface is better and will cause less maintainance, not stain nor absorb bacteria and cost less in the long run than marble as it will virtually never need replacement.
Does anybody know if this is true?


Postby Guest » Thu 09 Aug, 2007 13:54

less marble will be used and replaced with quartz. marble is a 3 on hardness scale, quartz is a 7. the idea is that the larger, harder quartz will make for a denser (less porous), stronger finish that will be more resistant to the chemicals used in your pool. No plaster lasts forever but in my opinion the quartz will look better longer than standard plaster. The same maintence is required no matter what finish you go with. Well worth the extra money though if you plan on staying in the house.

Chip Tile vs Marbelite

Postby ashoffie » Sun 13 Jan, 2008 01:23

I live in PE SA and are busy putting in a pool, what is the better Chip tile or Marbelite and why . I prefer the marbelite look .

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