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Losing my tan
I'm new here
I'm new here
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It's finally getting there!

Postby Losing my tan » Wed 08 Aug, 2007 16:03

First I want to thank Chemgeek and Backglass for all the great advice. I've been dealing with algae problems and was advised to use Dichlor.( I also needed to raise my cya) I have been using since last night and I am beginning to have hope. I followed advice and purchased a good test kit and wow! what a difference. My cya is now up to 30 so I have stopped using the Dichlor and now will use bleach. I am holding my fc at 15 for atleast 6 more hours and then test to see if it is holding on it's own. Ph is 7.2 but alk is high at 240. The water is clearing and a much lighter shade of green. Should I go ahead and lower the alk with ph minus or should I wait, and if I use ph minus, what is going to happen to my finally good reading of ph? :roll: Thanks again for all the help!! :lol:


Postby Guest » Wed 08 Aug, 2007 20:31

I guess it helps to have patience. (and learning how to use my new test kit) :wink: All readings are good:


Pool is becoming clearer by the hour. Thank goodness I found you guys! Definately saved me alot of $$$$
chem geek
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Postby chem geek » Wed 08 Aug, 2007 22:16

Congratulations on your clearing pool and ability to hold chlorine!

Given your 40 ppm CYA level (the CYA test is approximate, so +/- 10 ppm in accuracy or thereabouts) you should maintain the Free Chlorine level at 16 ppm minimum (so add chlorine several times during the day if needed) until the following three things occur:

1) Your pool turns crystal clear. It should go through a sequence that looks something like that in this link though probably not as bad!

2) You measure minimal (< 1 ppm and probably < 0.5 ppm) drop in FC overnight (not during the day, since we know the FC will drop due to sunlight).

3) You measure minimal (< 0.5 ppm and probably < 0.2 ppm) Combined Chlorine (CC).

If you get to a point where the pool remains cloudy and you have poor bottom circulation (say, with an above-ground pool without a floor drain), then you can use OMNI Liquid Floc Plus, but you don't need to do this if your pool has good circulation and is clearing up on its own (due to the chlorine and filter).

With a 40 ppm CYA, you will want to have a target FC of 4.6 ppm and an absolute minimum of 3.0 ppm that you never drop below.


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