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Low pressure fix on new pump

Postby Mf » Wed 29 Jun, 2011 00:02

New pump w 2 psi...drove me crazy for n hour...low flow until I read this n reached behind the pump basketto find a handful of pine needles...18psi right after!! :D and 0 cost like other poster!


Low Pressure

Postby CB » Thu 30 Jun, 2011 19:25

Wow...this site just saved me some cash...my pool's jets were pushing only about 25% of the normal pressure...so, I called pool guy who of course could not respond until later this week...so, I turned to google and found your site...I read the posts about trash being stuck in the pump motors...after removing my skimmers, I found small cloth bracelet stuck in the motor propellers...once I removed it, the jet pressure returned immediately... Sweet!!!

CB in San Antonio

Low Pressure

Postby Tavman » Mon 18 Jul, 2011 14:51

I have 20psi at the filter, and have cleaned the skimmer basket, pump basket, and filter. I still am not getting any pressure out of my return jets. Any suggestions??
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Low Pressure

Postby new to forum » Wed 31 Aug, 2011 11:16

I had low pressure too. I found leaves and hair wrapped around the pump intake. back to new!. Thanks for the inspiration

Low Pressure

Postby pooltroubles » Tue 20 Sep, 2011 18:23

my pool pump gauge was reading 30psi so I cleaned out the filter and added more DE. Now my pressure reads 10 psi. I've looked for leaks and clogs but there was nothing. Any ideas or suggestions?

Low Pressure

Postby poolguysa » Wed 12 Oct, 2011 10:35

Hi there

I have a problem with pressure as well,when my pool cleaner is not plugged in the pressure is strong and in fills the basket with water but when i plug the pool cleaner in the pressure drops and the pool goes fast then slow and the basket does not fill full of water but only a quarter unfortunately i do not have a meter in mine but what could the problem be as i am at my wits end

Low Pressure

Postby Billie » Wed 09 Nov, 2011 07:41

New pool with Hayward Pump. 15 psi until a couple of days ago. Down to 5 psi. I found this forum and it was a relief to know that I didn't somehow break my pump! The installer came out this morning. He took the pump basket out and, sure enough, there were some leaves and pine needles in the impleller. Also, I put the basket in wrong (I didn't know there was a "front" and "back"). So now I'm back to 15 psi. Terrific forum for pool problems! :D
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Pool Newbie
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Low Pressure

Postby gxross » Sun 11 Dec, 2011 21:25

Hi All,

After returning from vacation I saw that the pump was running but pressure was 5 psi. Upon opening the pump strainer, I could NOT remove the strainer basket. It is stuck and any amount of force cannot pull it out. While removing leaves and other debris from the strainer, it seemed that the basket may have cracked. I cannot see the bottom of the strainer basket as the water is muddy, but the pool is clear. Any response would be appreciated.

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Low Pressure

Postby Austblue » Fri 06 Jan, 2012 05:40


I have a Hurlcon BX1.5 pump and a waterco sand filter. Normally I'm pretty sure that the filter would sit at around 100Kpa but I noticed recently that it has dropped to 80Kpa and then if I plug the vacuum hose in it drops down to 40Kpa. It definitely primes itself fine and doesn't cavitate once it is primed but my new MX8 won't climb walls which indicates that the suction isn't adequate. It does consistently vacuum and I can also manually vacuum but I can tell that the suction is reduced from previous. Of a day it appears to have constant return flow but of a night with the pool light on I can see some turbulence which I thought appeared to be some air entrained in the return water.

I backwashed till the sight glass was clear then rinsed. No dice. I pulled the pump lid off and poked around with a pick and nothing came out then used marine grease to ensure that the o ring sealed once reinstalled but still no dice. Cleared and cleaned the skimmer filter and pump filter and still no dice! There doesn't appear to be any leaks and the water level is adequate so I'm out of ideas.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Low Pressure

Postby Guest » Fri 06 Jan, 2012 09:35

Could be a clogged or broken impeller or a worn diffuser. Unfortunately you would have to take the pump apart to see this.

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