Stones under liner

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Stones under liner

Postby smart313 » Fri 10 Aug, 2007 08:28

I just had a pool installed in Oct 2006, first season with it summer 2007. Since we have been swimming we have noticed that there are patches of stones starting to protrude up into the liner. These were not there in the beginning of the season. My pool is only an 15 ft round. I have spoke to the pool company that installed it and they said it should be fine as long as they are not sharp. I am asking if this should be taken care of now and how long is a warrenty usually on a liner. These folks are telling me that this will not be covered if it needs replaced. I say BS,,, they installed it and knew this obviously was not the best sand. Any help would be appreciated.



Postby Guest » Sun 19 Aug, 2007 19:56

I used to work for a pool place and I dealt with these problems a lot. The warranty is for as long as the retailer gave it to you (and it is usually prorated). The problem is that the installer did not take the time to make sure the ground was free of rocks before putting in the pool. Now that the ground has settled, the stones are now noticeable.

This needs to be taken care of now. They are just trying to put you off since they are in the middle of a busy pool season. Speak to a manger and if that does not work, threaten to write a letter to the BBB. If that does not work, write the letter. When and if they do come out, make sure you get a new liner. DO NOT LET THEM USE THE SAME LINER.

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