o-ring ripoff

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o-ring ripoff

Postby Charles » Wed 05 Apr, 2006 11:23

Hi - I seem to have the same problem every year, the o-ring in the lid of my chlorinator has stretched/worn and is no longer watertight so the chlorinator leaks.

Last year I was told that the Canadian $20 price tag for a simple rubber ring was justified beause they were more durable. 6 months use does not seem very durable to me so I would rather buy a cheaper version but have looked everywhere I can think of without success

Does anyone else out there feel ripped off and has found a cheaper alternative?


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O-ring problems

Postby Larry » Wed 05 Apr, 2006 15:16

I used to have the same gripe. Now I buy all our o-rings from our local hydraulics dealer. We use dozens of o-rings of all different sizes each year (for valves, check valves, filter lids, pump basket lids, ...) and I have found that the products made for use in hydraulics are extremely durable, and above all very cheap.

I am able to find about 90% of the sizes we use from the store nearby our service center.

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