low pressure

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low pressure

Postby JFPerrone » Tue 14 Aug, 2007 10:06

I have a very large Hayward DE filter. Pressure with new DE is barely 5psi.
Normal is 12psi when starting and up. Unit has been backwashed, refilled with De. Water volume at returns is OK but low pressure will not support vacuming, psi goes to zero. No bubbles in return or dirty water. Pumpfilter basket when operating is half full with water and noisy (cavitation?) any thoughts?

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Postby Backglass » Tue 14 Aug, 2007 10:38

If you put your valve on re-circulate, does the suction at the skimmer change? If so this would indicate a filter problem.

The fact that your pump basket is full of air indicates a suction problem. Perhaps a clogged/restricted line or broken pipe/valve allowing air into the system.
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low pressure

Postby JFPerrone » Wed 15 Aug, 2007 10:46

I did not vacum on re circulate but did try that position. The visible low volume of water in the strainer did not change....still low.
If air is getting in, how do you find where?
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Postby mr_clean » Mon 20 Aug, 2007 18:33

check your impeller it may be clogged.

turn off pump, take pump basket lid off and basket out. Then take your finger or small screw-driver and turn impeller, its inside the bottom hole. You may have debri in it which will slow everything down. If you grab debri and you still think stuff is in there then you need to pull pump apart and clean more. I reccomend testing before going that far.

If this does not work while running pump go to skimmer with small plastic sandwich bag and let skimmer suck it up. Then turnoff pump open up basket lid and if bag is not there you have a clog between skimmer and pump in pipe.

You can then take water hose to pump basket and insert into the line/hole that fills basket. Take a old shirt and rap around hose to help pressure push back to skimmer.

If you still have clog Use aircompressor hose with correct nozle to throw air. make sure skimmer lid is off or it goes flying along with pretty water fall :D
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I'm new here
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Postby kas » Sun 21 Oct, 2007 13:12

my impeller was stuck - your advice was very helpful.


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