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pool heaters

Postby Guest » Thu 06 Apr, 2006 13:40

I was wondering how well a solar heater works. I was pricing some natural gas heaters for my 16x24 above ground pools and I noticed the the solar heaters are alot less expensive. I dont want the water like bath water but just enough to take the chill off so I dont know if I am willing to pay a grand for a gas heater now if a solar heater works. Thanks

Pool Helper

Solar pool heating

Postby Pool Helper » Thu 06 Apr, 2006 14:53

Solar heaters work really well in sunny climates. They are perfect to take the edge off the cold pool water, and can increase the swimming season by a few months. Best of all, they cost almost nothing to run.
Dennis Oldgeezer

Solar Pool Heating

Postby Dennis Oldgeezer » Mon 17 Apr, 2006 12:39

Please review poolheaters and call or email me babe with questions

" Just take the chill off the pool " and more is what you could expect from a properly sized and installed solar system

Please call anytime with your questions

Dennis Oldgeezer

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