High Chlorine levels ..... need help reducing

Chlorinating, maintaining the right chlorine levels,
chlorine problems. Dichlor, trichlor, cal hypo, bleach,
granules, chlorine pucks and chlorine sticks.
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Postby chem geek » Fri 17 Aug, 2007 11:38

Even if the heater is not on, if the water went through it when the pump is running then there could still be a problem. Only if the heater isn't piped in (i.e. there are valves routing around it when off) would the water not flow into the heater and that would be a strange setup.

So it sounds like you don't need to worry much about Calcium Hardness (CH). Some people say that 150 ppm is a good target for fiberglass as it may help keep the gel coat intact, but we really don't know for sure. I'd say that a 150 ppm target would be safe (for plaster/gunite/grout, the target would be higher, usually closer to 300).

I have no idea about how to get rid of the yellow stains on the fiberglass. Hopefully someone else knows how to take care of that and will chime in.

Now that you know how the pH dropped so much, from the Trichlor tabs (could you please verify that the chlorine tabs are in fact Trichlor? Does it say "trichloro-s-triazinetrione" or something like that on the ingredients?). You'll need to certainly use less chlorine, regardless of source, and for the spa I would suggest unscented bleach or chlorinating liquid, though initially you will use some Dichlor to add some CYA as well as chlorine (if you've still got lots of Trichlor, you can use that instead of the Dichlor, but need to carefully watch the pH and add pH Up as needed).


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Postby pucklordofchoas » Fri 17 Aug, 2007 15:23

if you have any jetting in the spa i would recoment keeping a close eye on it, traditionaly in my store ive seen issues with jet being eaten away by water inbalence, as well as chlorine seems to have a negative effects on any plastic jetting systems, thats why we put all our customers on bromine high chlorine levels actually void warrenty on jets. Any way besides keeping and eye on your jets i would recomend you get a pre filter to filling your spa. it's a small filter you can attach to your garden hose and then fill your spa through that, this will reduce your metal and harness levels from your tap water. you can find them at any spa supply store.

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