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Pool water balance problem

Postby Pool Helper » Mon 16 Jan, 2006 05:05

Total alkalinity, being a buffer for pH, is extremely important. You should ignore the pH until the Total Alk is normal.

Add the sodium bicarbonate (bicarb or Alk Up) to get the TA within the range of 80-120ppm. The bicarb will push the pH up, but with such a low Total Alk, the pH will come back down on its own within a few days.

To calculate how much sodium bicarb you need to raise the Total Alk, try this handy Total Alkalinity calculator.

Once the Total Alk is normal, adjust the pH with care. Dilute the pH reducer and distribute it evenly around the pool with the pump running to avoid reducing the TA again.

Using trichlor reduces the pH and TA and so you should have little call for pH reducer on a regular basis.

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