Extension cords with pumps?

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Extension cords with pumps?

Postby Bubba » Thu 19 May, 2011 14:49

nyhcbri wrote:14/3 means 14g wire dumbass

It's a shame everyone is not as smart as you MF.


Extension cords with pumps?

Postby Guest » Sun 26 Jun, 2011 02:53

That's sad that you can't even post on a pool forum without some d-bag making a mean comment. People need to get a life! Hope you had luck with the extension cord issue. That's what I'm trying to figure out for my pool.

Extension cords with pumps?

Postby wow » Fri 12 Jul, 2013 13:44

wow, what a bunch of asshats in here! If you dont want to help someone, just dont respond.

The fact that a couple of you take time out of your life to leave stupid jackass comments just to be a jerk or make yourself feel bigger or better than you really are says a lot more about YOU than the people you are calling names! I've never even posted here but was on a search for information. Just can't believe people think it's ok to call other people names ... we dont put up with that kinda sh*t in Boston!

Unless you're 12 and your a bully because mommy didn't teach you compassion or manners, you have no excuse for being a jerk. Life's hard enough without having to deal with adult bullies who need to put others down on the internet to feel better about themselves!

Re: Extension cords with pumps?

Postby shelstef10 » Sat 09 Jul, 2016 16:00

14/3 means 14 AWG and 3 conductions/prongs most extension cord packaging lists the amps that the cord is rated for as well so the email was correct. They were not stating that the 14 in 14/3 meant the amps. They were talking about the amp rating separately. If the description does not have the amp rating listed you can go by the AWG the Lower the AWG the thicker the wire and the higher the capacity. You can also look up this information and get a more detailed explanation at Home Depot's website. The perks of doing so are you don't have to deal with ignorant people that call you names for posting what a company sent to you. They generally have people who review and delete comments posted by people with such low IQ's who feel the need to degrade others. :D

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