Planning and pool problems help?

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Planning and pool problems help?

Postby brian01 » Sat 18 Aug, 2007 07:43

We have been discussing putting in a swimming pool with our local council and neighbours for some 5 years.
We contacted our council and asked if we needed planning permission for a pool we were told that for an above ground pool that you do, but if you sink a pool in to the ground that you do not, with this we confirmed this in writing to the council that they had advised us that planning permission was not required if we sunk the pool and drew a sketch of what it would look like, The council did not respond to this letter.
Last year we had a pool installed and also checked with the company and spata that planning was not required, we were again advised that planning was not required, we also once again discussed it with our neighbours, whom were fine with the idea, but did ask why we wanted a pool.
In order to get the machine in to dig out the void for the pool we needed to remove the fence that was between us and our left hand neighbour, the fence on this side was already very old and falling down, however we agreed that if we were allowed to take down the fence then we would be willing to pay for a brand new fence to replace the old one, with this the neighbour agreed.
No sooner had the pool been finished we received a letter from the council saying our neighbours had complained about the pool and they wanted to come and see it, we arranged for this to take place, the planner came out and said that we did in fact require planning permission for the pool, with this we sent in an application for planning respectively.
Eight months later the council refused the planning permission on the grounds that it would reduce amenity value of our neighbour’s property. We have sent in an appeal against the decision but are still awaiting a response to this, however 2 days ago we received an enforcement notice from the council ordering that the pool be taken out and the void where the pool had been to be replaced and the garden returned to how it was prior to the pool being installed due to reduce amenity value of our neighbours property.
My first question has anyone ever heard of this before, we contacted the pool company who sold us the pool and they were mystified.
Secondly can anyone advise us on what to do next?

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