How can we fix our poo;

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How can we fix our poo;

Postby blkyn11206 » Fri 07 Apr, 2006 15:54

We have just recenly moved into our new home,and at first our pool was clear and blue, since then it started to turn green, and we by recomendations have done the algisied,d,e,and have shocked it and it is still green and cloudy, it dose not seem to be working. What can we do
we would like to see our blue pool and be able to use it.

Please Help............................



Algea help

Postby Pooll » Sat 08 Apr, 2006 16:02

Sarah, first adjust the ph to 7.0-7.4
Shock the pool with cal hypo or sodium hypo
Run the filter 24/7
Recheck ph and shock chlorinate if chlorine dips below 5ppm
Vacuum and backwash

Repeat until clear
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Re: How can we fix our poo;

Postby paulbest » Tue 16 Aug, 2016 21:44

People who keep their chlorine up all the time get yellow algae, green algae with the color bleached out because it has adapted to your chlorine level.

1. Test your pool water, if it's green your ph is probably 7.9 or higher. The higher your ph the less effective your chlorine will be. When balancing pool water always adjust alkalinity first, but when fighting a green pool adjust the ph first . Drop it down to 7.2 -7.4 This will make the chlorine much more effective .

2.Add chlorine. you should test your water and check your free chlorine and your total chlorine. These numbers should always be the same. When they aren't you need to 'shock' your pool. The amount of chlorine you need is the difference between the two readings x 10. Example 3.0 total chlorine 1.0 free chlorine =add enough to raise the chlorine level 2x10=20ppm. Check charts to see exactly what that amount is.

3. Buy a good quality copper based algaecide. This products label will say something about elemental copper in its percentage area.It should be somewhere around 7%. Add your copper based algaecide to a bucket of water. It will be very blue and if you get it on you, your pool deck , your cloths you /they will be very blue also. Pour the bucket of blue death around the pool with the system running. Copper disrupts the way the cells in the algae work and it does a great job of killing that stuff . The algae should die and fall to the bottom of your now clear and blue pool. Make sure you vacuum to waste to remove the algae from your system , if you have a cartridge filter and can't vac to waste then clean the cartridge as soon as the flow starts slowing down.It may take multiple cleanings no matter what kind of filter you have. Clean your filter whenever the pressure on your pressure gauge raises 6-8 pounds.

4.Balance your pool water . Bring all levels back into line. Alkalinity 80-120 PH 7.4-7.6 Chlorine 1.5-3 Stabilizer(cynauric acid) 40-70. Calcium should be adusted following pool builder/manufacture's suggestions-different surfaces require different amounts .

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