sediment that filter does not catch

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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sediment that filter does not catch

Postby joan » Sun 19 Aug, 2007 18:45

first off, my pool is 6200 gallons with a 2500 gph pump running an intex

"B" filter. my problem is my filter wont catch the really fine sediment.

my vacuum actually runs through my filter so when ever i vacuum im just

giving the sediment a ride! how can i get rid of this? any input would be

great. thank you for your time and experiance.


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Postby Backglass » Mon 20 Aug, 2007 15:28

From what I have read about these pools, the problem is actually with your vacuum. The intex pools come with a "venturi" type vacuum that only picks up large things...leaves, twigs, etc.

Because of the garden hose design it just stirs it all up without actually delivering it TO the filter.
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Postby mr_clean » Mon 20 Aug, 2007 16:06

backglass is correct about this vac.

as for vacuuming from your suction line on this small setup with a vacuum I have not seen it.

so if you are using vacuum that garden hose attaches to you can try a sock instead of bag it comes with, the garden hose I would think would still have enough pressure.

another thing you can do to help with stuff in these small pools, get a big bowl or some kind of safe bucket, fill it with water for the time kids are in the pool and have them step in it before going in to have mess fall in it. Most of these pools are on grass.

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