Help with 3 way Ortega valve

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Help with 3 way Ortega valve

Postby Handyjoe » Thu 23 Aug, 2007 18:52

I know that Ortega is out of business but, where can I find repair parts for Ortega 3 way valves. I hope that I'm not stuck with replumbing two Ortega valves with Jandy valves. The the Jandy valve is a monster when compared to the Ortega valve and will be a big problem because of the way my system was b uilt 20 years ago. [/u][/i][/b]

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Postby ortega pool » Thu 03 Jan, 2008 00:34

-You should be able to find all parts on internet. If there brass stay with Ortegas. There great valves with a little bit of maintanance.

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