Just cleaned my DE Fileter first time! Have question

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Just cleaned my DE Fileter first time! Have question

Postby robertjones » Sun 09 Apr, 2006 16:52

After cleaning my DE filter and putting it back together I am losing lots of water out of the pool. There are no leaks at the pump or filter so I am unsure as to what is going on. Is this normal? Perhaps I am just refilling the filter?

I am a little nervous because we did have a leak last year in one of our skimmers and got it fixed and I am concerned that possibly there is another leak.

Please let me know if it is typical to experience water loss after cleaning filter.


Pool Boy

Filter cleaning & water leak

Postby Pool Boy » Mon 10 Apr, 2006 15:36

The two are unrelated. Cleaning the filter would not cause a noticeable water loss or a leak.

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