white barnacles

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white barnacles

Postby cameranut » Fri 24 Aug, 2007 11:13

It is Aug and I have not been able to clear up my pool. I have had this pool since 1976, I have replaced the vinyl liner a few times, I always maintain the pool and never had a problem like this.
I never cover the pool, more trouble to remove the leaf laden cover than clean the bottom. this year I worked on cleaning the bottom but was
unable to complete because of illness. Then the heat wave hit us (alabama) and the pool turned green and I couldn't see the bottom to clear the rest of the leaves out. I checked the chemistry, had it checked at 3 other swimmingb pool stores , I did as the first store told me. I rechecked the chem as did the other two stores and all is right. The water turned milky light brown. I have vacuumed, leaf raked numerous times and find no debri, still can't see more than 2 feet deep. Yesterday early I flocked and shut pooldown overnight. I left the leaf basket in the pool and this morning the alum pole was covered with white barnacles, I wiped them off the pole and where they hit the deck left white milky spatters. none was on the hose or leaf basket. any Ideas. thanks

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Postby Eric » Fri 24 Aug, 2007 12:50

It's hard to say without knowing your test numbers. What you saw could be the aluminum in the pole corroding in the water. I could see how you could form aluminum chloride or oxide. It could also be calcium carbonate deposits. Or maybe some combination.

Leaving an aluminum pole in pool water for long periods of time seems like a bad idea. I doubt you did serious damage to either the pole or the pool water, but I would not do this again.

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