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I'm new here
I'm new here
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cartridge pump

Postby reflex069 » Sat 25 Aug, 2007 13:58

Can i change my cartridge filter over to a sand filter on an above ground pool?
Thankyou. :)

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Postby mr_clean » Sat 25 Aug, 2007 15:25


but why would you want to do this? is it under sized?
is cartridge or cartridges old?
do you have to clean to often?
do you clean with cleaner chemical and soak it or just rinse with garden hose?

they can and do work well.

Postby Guest » Thu 30 Aug, 2007 06:00

I changed my cartridge filter to a sand filter on an above ground pool, my pool is 18ft round by 3ft high.

I find the sand filter hundred times better than cartridge

Postby chrisinspring » Fri 31 Aug, 2007 16:31

yes, if you don't mind running out a backwash hose every time you need to backwash. how about buying a large cartridge filter? they are easier to use and will give you less headaches in the long run

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