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Postby square bear » Sun 26 Aug, 2007 04:33

Am ready to erect a 7m teardrop ag pool. The pool has to match with a deck that is semi constructed. I am concerned that there will be a bit of settling of the pool sides once filled.
We are on clay soil and am wondering if I can use pavers (200x200x50) under the bottom resin rail to spread the load and minimise settling. The height of the deck was pre determined by the floor level of the house. We are on a gentle slope and the pool pad is levelled pretty much to within a couple of cm's/1" of the required level. I want to tuck the decking in under the top rail of the pool with a couple of cm''s to spare. Also because the pool site is cut back into the slope I would assume that there could be different amounts of soil movement thru the soil profile. Any input or experience would be apprieciated.

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