Robot Cleaners and Infinti Edges

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Chris H

Robot Cleaners and Infinti Edges

Postby Chris H » Mon 10 Apr, 2006 03:24

Does anyone know if robot cleaners (Auqabot, BlueDiamond, Dolphin) will work on pools with infiniti edges? I have heard (from an unreliable source) that some pool cleaners get hung up on infiniti edges.


Pool Boy

Pool cleaner help

Postby Pool Boy » Mon 10 Apr, 2006 15:32

Hi Chris

The pool cleaners will not cause problems with an infiniti edge pool. These cleaners are well designed and it will move up the wall until it reaches just below the water level, then reverses and moves down.

Were you informed that the cleaner would "climb out" of the pool or something equally bizarre?? It can't happen.

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