Water not green but yellow

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Water not green but yellow

Postby cchicks2003 » Mon 27 Aug, 2007 14:24

Hello, I have just read through all the posts and am not sure if my situation has been dealt with previously or not but here it goes ...
We recently set up an Intex Easy Set 12' round x30" deep pool for the kids. Initially DH used the fire dept truck to fill it from the local river. Very murky, dirty water which cleared nicely with Shock. It has stayed this way for about two weeks but now I find I am having a hard time keeping an ideal chlorine level. When I test the water it either is none existant or very low. Ph level is staying fine. Today when I added very little chlorine the water turned a deep deep yellow color within minutes! Any thoughts?

On another note ... has anyone had any experience with resurrecting an inground pool that has been previously filled in and is now underground?


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Postby Eric » Tue 28 Aug, 2007 09:36

Do you have any conditioner/stabilizer (CYA) in the pool? If not, sunlight will drop the chlorine to zero in a few hours.

I've heard that it's basically impossible to resurrect a buried pool. The chances of the plumbing and pool being even close to water tight and open to flow is near zero. From what I've seen, pool builders won't touch this -- the risk is too high. They may offer to uncover the buried pool, completely remove it, and build a new one. This would be more expensive than building a new pool in an untouched area.

Yellow water

Postby JHelenek » Sun 16 Sep, 2007 08:01

Sounds like you might have iron in your water-when you add chlorine it is burning the iron which will give you either a yellow,brown or black tinge to the water.Also accounts for the lack of chlorine-where did you get the water from?-If this is the case you can burn it out by shocking the pool-it will take a week and then start your chemical startup. Hope this helps
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Postby pool doctor » Wed 26 Sep, 2007 14:14

I've seen this many times in the 30+ years my family has been in the pool installation/service/retail industry. It sounds like you may have low alkalinity and/or ph. Check your levels, if both are low, adjust the alk 1st, let it circulate 4-6 hours, recheck the ph and adjust it as needed

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