How I add liquid chlorine into my pool

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How I add liquid chlorine into my pool

Postby Kenric » Tue 28 Aug, 2007 16:38

For the past month since I've switched to Liquid Chlorine I've just been pouring it into the pool, 1 gallon every 2 days. I would turn on the pump and walk along the edge pouring it in.

A few days ago I thought I'd try something new. I set the gallon next to the pool and poked a small hole near the bottom. I poked a small air hole at the top. Then came a drip drip of chlorine into the pool. I placed the gallon right at the edge above the return tube.

An hour later, the bottle is almost empty. I take the small remainder and pour it in.

Seems like a cheap way to slowly release chlorine into the pool.

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