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DE filter backwashing

Postby Tim » Sun 08 May, 2005 07:19

I need to do the backwasing on my pool which has a DE filter system. At what point of the backwash do you add the DE?



Postby Guest » Wed 18 May, 2005 23:44

Do a full backwash until the water is clear. Return the control valves to normal and run the pump. Add the proper amount of DE to the source from the pool (ie, leaf-trapper or skimmer). The DE will be sucked through the water source and coat the filter screen properly.

DE is short for Daitomatios Earth, though I probably spelled that wrong.

Postby Guest » Thu 19 May, 2005 14:05

I've heard you can add DE to a sand filter to increase filtration...Is this true or does the DE just get wasted?? Is there some type of screen or other media the DE sticks to in order to filter? My pool has a sand filter and I would get some DE if it would help filter.

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