pentair nightmare!!!

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pentair nightmare!!!

Postby stevieandsam » Wed 29 Aug, 2007 21:00

Has anyone else had a bad experience with this pentair easytouch 8 control panel? This thing is truly the worst piece of garbage i have ever purchased in my life. It started with an installer who was clueless as to how to make it work, professional electricians who told me that the installiation booklet was useless, and a tech who fianally determined the mother board was blown. I've had that replaced, have had a different installer out to try to make it work, and have contacted pentair directly only to be told "too bad, we can't help you" the thing is overly complicated, impossible to program and poorly supported by both the manufacture and dealers.
Anyway, after a year of messing with this, i'm now going to have it torn out and replaced with some simple manual switches. i just post this as a warning to people who are considering "automating" their pool, don't waste your money.


Postby widebody2 » Sun 04 Nov, 2007 23:04

The gold line controls are pretty easy for automation

pentair controls

Postby luckeypools » Tue 08 Jan, 2008 17:47

How old is this system that you had installed. You shouldn't have had any out of pocket expenses if it was under warranty. Sounds like you should fire your pool guy and find someone who knows what they are doing. Never rely on a electronics person to tell you how to work a controller. Call a local pool distributor and ask them to recommend someone to work on it next time.

Luke Norris

Postby lukepools » Tue 08 Jan, 2008 17:48

widebody2 wrote:The gold line controls are pretty easy for automation

Goldline's customer no service is worse than Pentairs... I've never had problems with pentair in my area.

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