Pool alarms - Which is best?

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Pool alarms - Which is best?

Postby Raceurass » Tue 11 Apr, 2006 08:50

Just had an in-ground put in last fall and will be opening it for the first time this month.

I have a 3yr old and would like alittle extra piece of mind.

What are the best pool alarms available?


The Editor


Postby The Editor » Thu 15 Jun, 2006 14:23

Please chose an alarm that meets ASTM standards -- it will be on the box. There aren't many, but it's imperative you buy one that does. I would also recommend the "subsurface" type of alarm -- they are accurate and reliable. A recent study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission showed that the subsurface alarms performed best. There are several manufacturers of these types of alarm -- PoolGuard comes to mine, for example.

Also, please consider adding a safety cover and child-proof barrier around the pool -- something that may likely be require by local codes. Layers of protection are the key to protecting your 3-year old.

Bob Dumas
Technical Editor
Pool & Spa News

child alarms

Postby Canuck » Tue 27 Feb, 2007 22:41

We have a 3 year old also and have 3 tiers of protection. A fence around the pool (in addition to the fence around the yard), a lifejacket rule as soon as he leaves the house and a wrist alarm called the Turtle Bracelet. He wears it all the time and the base is in the house. As soon as that alarm gets wet the base alarm sounds.
Good luck and you can never have enough protection.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby ncspaman » Thu 08 Mar, 2007 19:03

I dont know if this is still done .My sister about 15/18 years ago took my nephew to a water survival course. Its sounded harsh at the time But he graduated by being able to have his shoe lases tied together and one arm under his shirt and being able to swim to the ladder and get out. He scubas now so its not that tramuatic.

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