upgrade my filter

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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upgrade my filter

Postby jimjimracing » Sun 02 Sep, 2007 06:05

hi there. after experience the filter clog and pressure build up so quickly.
finally i think the problem is the filter cartridge is getting its time.

what is the most popular model out there is good?
and my pool is about 2m deep. 4 m by 6m roughly.. since it is a oval shape.

what is the volume and which filter spec should I consider?? bigger the better? or depends the pump??

thanks for reading and suggestions.. thx..

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Postby mr_clean » Sun 02 Sep, 2007 09:46

I would recommend staying with a Cartridge filter as Sand & DE filters backwash and you are not set up for it.

going one size bigger is good, normally less cleaning.

what size do you have now? look on side of filter? also find your pump size on it's side, it's always good to know.

here's a chart you can look at, copy & paste to your browser and remove spaces by dots

www. poolplaza. com/pool-school/choosing_pool_filter_sizing. shtml

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