Leaking chlorinator - do I need one?

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Leaking chlorinator - do I need one?

Postby Charles » Tue 11 Apr, 2006 14:51

Hi - I am having a problem with my Haywood chlorinator. After opening the pool it was leaking from the top. I thought it was the o-ring but then found that the outlet valve was gunked up. I cleaned it but when I was re-installing it the back piece just broke off it was so corroded. Unfortunately it broke off inside the base of the chlorinator. I have replace the corroded bit but with the loose piece remaining in the unit, it sometimes blocks the outflow resulting in a backup and ultimate leaking out of the lid. I have tried to get the piece out but have not succeeded. I am not quite ready to toss the thing and buy a new one so am wondering if it acceptable for me to bypass the chlorinator altogehter and drop a puck into the skimmer basket? (used to do that in the old days in another county but I think the pucks have changed in structure over time)

Any thoughtst?


Pool Helper

Chlorinator help

Postby Pool Helper » Wed 12 Apr, 2006 15:47

The pucks are the same composition. The problem they create is their low pH, and is the reason the chlorinator "corroded".

The pH of 2.9 will weaken plastic and make it brittle, so the skimmer basket tends to break quickly. The chlorination should ideally be done after the filter, hence the chlorinator.

Using the pucks in the skimmer can also result in problems arising from the low pH in the pump and filter over a long period of time. A lot of people do it this way and I'm not saying don't, just be aware of the downfalls and the potential risks.

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