pool water turned dark cloudy blue after adding pH increaser

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pool water turned dark cloudy blue after adding pH increaser

Postby april » Mon 03 Sep, 2007 16:50


I had let the chlorine level get low in my pool, so I shocked it and the next day I tested the water and had a low pH. So - I went and bought some pH increaser, took the advice of the people at the pool store and added 1/2 of the increaser and my pool has been the darkest cloudiest blue I have ever seen! My water levels are as follows:

Total hardness is 200
Free chlorine is high at around 8
pH is 6.8 (after adding the rest of the increaser and letting the pump run)
alkalinity is 40-80 somewhere in between
cyanuric acid is 30-50

Any suggestions?

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Postby mr_clean » Mon 03 Sep, 2007 21:50

adding soda ash to water should only make water look cloudy, you may need metal remover.

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